Only One Part of Me is Infertile!


So much of IF takes over your life and it is very easy to let IF become you. I’ve started a “Things I Love” links list on the right to remind me of that. I have struggled with whether to include the rest of my life on this blog. I think it is important for people to know more about me than my infertility.

If you look at the links you will see that despite the fact that I am military officer, I am still a dyed in the wool hippie who recycles, composts, and dreams of a simpler life complete with less things. In fact, it is our goal to continue to downsize our home with every military move, instead of up sizing (despite how many kids we have). We will probably never go below 800 sq ft. I think this perspective  is born of years of living in very primitive places (sponsored by Uncle Sam) quite happily. I don’t like moving but the frequent moves allow me to continuously clear out my stuff.

I love to create things (besides baby dreams). I sew (simple clothing and home decorating), I knit constantly (working my way through lace socks, I garden (I have many, many veggies in), I love to cook &  eat (see WeightWatchers link) and lately my fascination is with building cardboard furniture . I dream of owning some land, some chicken and living in a straw bale house with enough room for MO2 and the progeny.

So now you know more about me. I have to limit myself to one hour of IF per day because otherwise it is all consuming.


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  1. You have much in common with my reservist husband. He’s always talking about downsizing, divesting ourselves of stuff, and moving. We recycle everything, and he would love to live on a farm and be self supporting. This doesn’t always mesh too well with my city girl upbringing.

    Happy Memorial Day, and thanks for serving!

    • I think the desire for simplicity comes after viewing so many people with nothing who seem so happy. Happy Memorial Day to you and your husband!

  2. Good to find you and read about your journey. I am doing a trial cycle before using donor eggs and I am psyched to find others who are doing the same. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I too am starting my mock cycle tonight. Keep in touch, it is always good to know someone else going through the same thing!

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