Donor Egg Math


imagesI have a new hobby… any time I see an older pregnant woman I do the math in my head.

Take the celebrity Marcia Cross, for example. She’s 46 and has 21 month old twins, which means she had them at 44. Can you say “donor egg?” Or Halle Berry who’s 42 and has an infant who she had at 41. It is hard for us mere mortals to keep up. What do you do if you’re not a celebrity?

I worry that I’m running out of time. Donor eggs help with this.

On my TTC over 40 board, most of the women had successful pregnancies earlier in life and are trying to get pregnant again. It is scary for us older folks who are trying to have #1. I worry because I never used my eggs then, they won’t work now. and they don’t. But money and charity of a stranger can buy me another chance.

I read today that Jennifer Hudson bought a $35,000.00 watch. That is $5,000.00 short of the cost to adopt from Russia. If I’m not calculating age of pregnancies, I’m calculating the costs to use a shared donor cycle or to adopt.  The cost of my shared donor cycle is $28,5000. The estimate from ABC to adopt from Kazakhstan is $40,000+.  The math continues…

Next week is the first SG mock cycle appointment. I’m happily injecting myself with delestrogen in preparation. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  1. I love the blog, very interesting. I am from the I-V 40+ board. I too was going to adopt from Kaz and stopped just short of my first payment. I did use my own eggs for IVF and got pregnant at 41. I am due in August.

    It is sad that it i s getting harder to adopt because my heart is very much there and would like to adopt in the future. There are children already here who need a family but sadly, the cost of adoption is keeping me away.

    Good luck with DE, I will be considering DE or Embryo for my second if I am unable to get pregnant a second time with my own eggs.


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