How to Choose a Donor


(disclaimer: the following is only MY opinion as it is an individual choice)

We chose our donor over the weekend! It was a fun decision and since we’ve had access to our RE’s donor database for over a month now, I already had a running list of likely candidates. Keep in mind that we are in a 1:3 program which means that we share our donor potentially with three other couples. The woman we chose has already been selected by 1 other couple, so we would be the second recipient. Our shared risk program allows us to do up to 6 cycles with potentially 6 different donors if we don’t get pregnant. I’d like to get pregnant on the first try but I’m not overly optimistic.

Our RE’s office is fairly selective about recipients and the screening is arduous. this includes physical screenings, family medical screening and psychosocial testing. Motivation is not super important to me. Some people are put off by the donor saying , “I’m doing it for the money.” I am not put off by that and find the honesty refreshing. That’s not to say that is something that we choose our donor by but it is not an exclusion either. Our donor will be anonymous. untitled

So here was our criteria for choosing:

  1. Must have delivered her own children (proven live births)
  2. Must be same race as us
  3. Must be a repeat donor (thus has already been through the process), Thus, she knows how to do injectibles and what the cycles entail. It means that it is less likely our cycle will be cancelled due to donor non-compliance. Additionally, the donor coordinator knows that she produces high quality eggs (or she wouldn’t be invited to donate again).
  4. Relatively young (early to mid 20s preferrred). Less % of chromosomal abnomalities and better egg quality.

We ended up choosing a woman in her early 20s who was on our original list and is in the 1:3 program. She has two children of her own and is a repeat donor. My nurse tells me she might be able to give us information on her previous cycles. I believe we are now in the 30 day count down. I am hoping we’ll do our transfer early August.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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