A Little Levity Please


I have to admit I have a scary fascination with the Knackers (Tinkers, Irish Gypsies). This began when we lived in Augusta, GA and ran into women who looked as though they stepped out of a weird adult beauty pagent. I was then introduced to the world of the Irish Travellers . Check out the following for some background, http://www.fraudtech.bizland.com/travelers.htm .

Today a friend sent me a web site that has the Tinker (same origins as the Travellers) wedding of a 16 year old girl in the UK where her family spent 150,000 k  on wedding http://tackyweddings.com/2008/10/30/outer-limits-tacky-150k-wedding-for-uk-16-year-old-girl-ugliest-dress-ever/. I read the article with my mouth hanging open. I’m not sure what is more appalling; the price tag, the clothes, the girl and her mother’s matching boob jobs or the fact that she was getting married at 16!

Anyway check out the other tacky weddings on the site. My personal faves are the Shrek wedding and the permutations on camo weddings!untitled


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