Birth Control Pills (and a really BIG bill)


bcp Back on an old friend in preparation for my donor cycle.

MO2 is convinced that prolonged use of birth control pills (>20 years although not consecutively) may have contributed to my infertility. (I think it was the cheapy pills I bought in the Dominican Republic while stationed there, much cheaper than pills in the US). I will take these until it is time to start the lupron injectibles.

So my cycle will go like this: BCPs—Lupron—Delestrogen—Progesterone in Oil (PIO). I’ve used them all before but only the PIO gives me pause because it is a little painful and there is a really LONG needle in the tuccus! However, as a veteran of all things IVF, in the end it is not a big deal. As MO2 was deployed for the last IVF, I’ve learned to even give myself the PIO shots withthe help of a chair (balance butt cheek over edge of chair-don’t look-stab exposed portion with PIO-curse loudly).

A speaking of cursing loudly, I paid the $29,000 bill for our shared risk donor egg cycle last week. I hate debt and part of me resents debt to have kids. I know it is a means to an end and you can’t take your money with you when you leave this world so what better thing to spend it on. But at least if it doesn’t work with the 6 shared DE cycle, I’ll get it all back for adoption.

This starts week 2 of our 30 day count down for the shared donor. So far we have 2 recipients. If we don’t get a third by July 8th, our 3:1 cycle becomes a 2:1 cycle.


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