Now We Are Three


colorpage9 I got an email from the donor coordinator stating that a match has been completed for our donor and now there are three recipients!!

I spoke with my nurse who stated that there will be typically 45 days give or take until the egg retrieval. This puts us roughly to the second week of August (more or less). It is perfect for me because it means that I won’t be in TX and I won’t be in the UK (two trips that I have planned for July and August). The July trip is a TDY (temporary duty assignment) and the August trip is for an old friend’s wedding. My lovely stepson will be visiting from KS but that means he and MO2 can amuse themselves in DC while I remain on my 24 hour bed rest after the ET. Hopefully, I’ll get my sync calendar next week.

Now I just have to figure out how to get Tricare to do my blood work and ultra sound while I’m in TX.


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