“There’s Gold in That Thar Mine”


 I’m waiting for my sync chart to come out and avoiding my PhD application . I finally decided to call my donor coordinator today to see what is going on. One of the posters on the Fertile Thoughts on line support group I participate in suggested I ask what my donor’s last cycle looked like. Here is what I learned today:

  • Last cycle she produced 37 eggs!!! (Wowsa, that’s a whole lotta eggs)
  • The previous cycle she produced 21

On my only IVF cycle, I produced 10 eggs and 2 of them were immature. Only one fertilized and that was the immature egg, go figure.

That’s very encouraging. If you split between eggs per 3 recipients, that’s roughly 12 eggs per couple. Now I am not sure how my eggs will fertilize or even if any of them will make it to blast but it is enough to make me smile. It is hard in this situation to be too optimistic because in IF, you learn the defeat can be around every corner but I’ll enjoy the sunshine for a bit .


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