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Stims and Such


hypodermic-needleOur donor starts stims today!!!

I was surprised that SG actually called to tell me this. My nurse said that my donor is very appropriate and conscientious when it comes to medications so they don’t expect any problems. (I’m too anxious to imagine a cycle with me in it not to have some problems). I know what my donor’s egg count has been for previous cycles but I don’t know how many pregnancies she has produced. Some agencies give you this information, mine has not offered.  However, since they were so friendly in calling, I was emboldened to ask.

Apparently, my question was not inappropriate and my nurse said she would research it and let me know. She also reassured me that it was NOT an inappropriate question.

I am still plugging away with my delestrogen every third night. We did have a bit of a scare on our way across the country. I had been keeping the delestrogen in my purse (not wanting to keep it in the back of the truck in the hot sun which seemed logical at the time). So we reach Vicksburg, MS and I reach into my purse to check on vial of delestrogen and horror of horrors! There is no vial in the box!!!!

I tear the airsream apart and the truck and no delestrogen! No to be deterred, I call Freedom Pharmacy to see how I can get a new bottle of delestrogen. We work out the machinations and I learn that I can have a bottle waiting for me as soon as I arrive home @ Ft. LivingRoom two days later.   This would make me late on my dose by one day. The SG nurse reassures me that I can take my dose late by 1 day and not have any ill effects. I would just go back to my regular cycle as soon as I get home.

The next day (the day of the scheduled dose) we returned from church and sure enough, MO2 has located the errant bottle. I had tripped earlier in the day and bottle had rolled under the pull out bed in the sleeping area of the camper. Crisis averted and I never missed a beat. Boy am I lucky!

So tonight, is delestrogen dose #3. I have a lining check u/s next Monday morning on 8/3 at SG. I should know how I am doing by then. I tend to respond well to meds so we’ll see…I am not anticipating any problems at this time.

We made it home intact and the airstream survived as well, despite the air conditioning dying in Birmingham, AL. A quick trip to Walmart kept us from boiling to death. It was pretty stressful pulling it but we were blessed not to have any adverse events in our travels. I returned home to a cherry tomato explosion in the garden and a dog who was happy to see me after 2 weeks with an 18 year old house sitter! We spent yesterday unpacking and I’m back to work today wading through over 200 emails.

Tonight, my dear Stepson is flying in and he will be with the next two weeks including our DE transfer (not planned but always welcome). It will be interesting to see which side of his 16 year old persona we will see first…enthusiastic or disinterested.


Welcome ICLWers


Hello to my internet friends participating in ICLW! I look forward to getting to know you in the coming week.

Here’s where we are in our donor egg cycle. I’m still at FT Hot As Hell and going in for my baseline u/s and bloodwork on Thursday. I’ve just started AF (on schedule) and I’m on my first week of lupron love complete with fun antibiotics. Depending on results of u/s, we are onto Delestrogen. I have a follow up appointment at Shady Grove the first week of August. We’re driving home across the country on Friday pulling our 1969 Airstream and stopping for refreshments along the way through Americana.

Hopefully, my iphone will behave on the trip so I can keep up with your comments. I am really enjoying the other blogs out there. It is a nice distraction and I am hoping the next couple of weeks will be such a blur I won’t indulge in the my narcissitic obsessions and anxieties about this cycle. I am going to worry about more than me and I invite you to tell me things I should worry about as a distraction. Here is my list, feel free to chime in:

  1.  Jon & Kate’s Divorce
  2. Health Care Reform
  3. Why Henry Louis gates Jr was breaking into his own house
  4. Fall fashion trends
  5. US Troops leaving but now not leaving Iraq
  6. You tell me….

Ethics in 3rd Party Reproductions


Interesting article in this week’s NYT about disclosure with children about third party reproduction. To tell or not? I plan to tell as early as the child can comprehend it. I don’t keep secrets like that, and in my work with childern, I’ve learned that the earlier something becomes part of a child’s story, it is easier to understand. Read the article and see what you think. I’d love to hear/see your comments and opinions.

In other news, we start antibiotics and I start lupron tomorrow. A quick update on Susan of the mega beta-it is just one baby as confirmed by her ultrasound. I apologize for the lack of posts, I am TDY at Ft. Hot as Hell. I’ll be here for the next two weeks, have my baseline u/s and bloodwork and then back to Ft. Living Room.

Got My Sync Chart!


We’re on the way….

I got my sync chart on Friday. I am taking BCPs until 7/18 and start lupron on 7/16. Now I have to figure out if I should get the order sent to me here or in TX (where I’ll be until 7/27). I have to schedule my baseline ultrasound and blood work there. Luckily, Tricare has assisted me in finding a provider in San Antonio who can assist me with this.

I have decided to drive up to SG to have my lininig checked in person. My thoughts are the more frequently my doctor looks at me, the better. It is a lot for a 15 minute appointment but I feel it is worth it. Maybe if this doesn’t work, I can have the next cycle done locally.

In other news, my friend, Susan continues with her whopping betas. it will be interesting to see how many are in there.

“Scepticism is the Beginning of Faith”…Oscar Wilde


Faith1A big shout out to my friend Susan who had a BFP yesterday with a mega beta of 1099!!! (As my nurse said, there’s a party going on in there!-meaning probably a twin pregnancy-or more).

One of things that makes Susan so extraordinary to me is her unshakable faith that her first donor egg cycle would work. I have to admit, I don’t have the same faith.

It is not as though I’m not religious, I am quietly so. I prayed for Susan actively during her entire cycle and had a firm gut feeling that the cycle would have a positive result. I can’t say the same for me, in the sense that I am worried about how I will do. I attribute some of this to life lessons and occupational hazards. In the military you learn that bad things DO happen to good people, in fact we see it all the time. I learned that faith is no protective shroud to ward off bad things, it just might make taking the bad things a bit easier and provides a loving cushion in which to wrap yourself in when life kicks you in the teeth.

I lost my belief in a perfect world a long time ago. I can’t pinpoint the time but maybe the memories. I remember years ago in Haiti, stopping along the road in Port Au Prince and seeing a road filled with human bones (Operation Uphold Democracy 1994) , the excavation of mass graves in Screbrenica, Bosnia (Operation Joint Forge, 1997)Scan0001 or when in first days of of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003, when I comforted a child whose whole family had been destroyed after running a blockade when our soldiers opened fire on their car.  (Only in the military do you hold a child while wearing a weapon).

And so , in an unfair world where atrocities occur every day, I ask God to hear my small prayer and grant me one wish which seems to be a raindrop in a an ocean. I ask for courage to carry me through and faith to cushion my blows. I miss the naivete I used to have but appreciate the understanding I’ve been granted that with seeing, even in the worse possible situation that courage and faith carry you through at the end of the day. God bless Susan for her unfailing optimism and God bless all those who see the fire and walk through it on a daily basis.

In other news, it looks like my transfer will be around August 14th (with a few days on either side) and I stop my BCPs on July 18th.