Got My Sync Chart!


We’re on the way….

I got my sync chart on Friday. I am taking BCPs until 7/18 and start lupron on 7/16. Now I have to figure out if I should get the order sent to me here or in TX (where I’ll be until 7/27). I have to schedule my baseline ultrasound and blood work there. Luckily, Tricare has assisted me in finding a provider in San Antonio who can assist me with this.

I have decided to drive up to SG to have my lininig checked in person. My thoughts are the more frequently my doctor looks at me, the better. It is a lot for a 15 minute appointment but I feel it is worth it. Maybe if this doesn’t work, I can have the next cycle done locally.

In other news, my friend, Susan continues with her whopping betas. it will be interesting to see how many are in there.


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