I went in yesterday for a lining check and blood work. Everything looks great and I have proven once again that I am a lining Rock Star!!! (I bet I can prove I will bleed pretty well if this doesn’t work). Lining is the triple thick lining that they like to see. My b/w came back with no major issues either.

Apparently my donor went in her for her follicle check also and they counted 33 follicles! I am not sure of the egg to follies ratio but I’ve heard that it is at least one egg to each follie possible more. Now, we know that not every egg will be be viable and/or fertilize so I’ll know after the egg retrieval on 8/9 how many I’ll get (I am hoping for 7-8 eggs per person as I am in 1:3 program).

My nurse did tell me that my donor has produced 4 pregnancies for the two past cycles she’s been in and she has two children of her own.  That is good news! Now all I can do is continue with my injects and wait to see if the eggs fertilize….

We are planning for a 3 day transfer on 8/12 but if they are growing well we may be extended to a 5 day on 8/14. Only time will tell. I’m most nervous about the fertilization report which will get on 8/10. MO2 is a proven donor in the sense that the proof is visiting us right now but that was 16.9 years ago.


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