My Aching Back!!


Ouch! I’ve done something to my back which puts my sciatica into new heights of misery!  Last Saturday, I’ve noticed increased leg pain. I had back surgery almost 2 years ago after falling out the back of a helicopter (don’t worry-it was on the ground) and had my two herniated disks almost completely removed. I have been doing well save for some morning stiffness until now (although my days of running and push ups are long over). The pain I’ve been having is worse than before I had my back surgery. I feels as though I’ve pinched a nerve although I am not sure how. Boy is it painful. It comes and goes from like a 6/10 to a 3/10 and then to a 9/10 pain level. I am too afraid of messing up my cycle to take any pain medication, so I’ve just been gutting through it and trying to stretch as much as possible. I hope, hope, hope it resolves on its own. If it continues and I do get pregnant, it will be a very long 9 months!

In other news, our donor has 32 follicles, measuring from 12-16mm and her estrogen is in the 1600s. It looks like she will have her retrieval on Sunday. I’m too scared to get excited but I will keep you posted. We’re leaving for vacation and a visit at home in PA (3 hours from the office in DC). Our scheduled ET is 8/12 but that is the 3 day transfer date. If our eggs fertilize and do well, then maybe we’ll get a 5 day transfer on 8/14. I’m praying for all of them to fertilize and grow.  I would LOVE to have a 5 day transfer. Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this process.


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