Fertilization Report


Well, MO2 has managed to knock up the donor!!!

Of the 10 eggs we received, 7 fertilized normally. The nurse and the DR are hoping for a blast transfer on Saturday. (please, please keep us in your thoughts). The RE said the other 3 fertilized but not normally, so they were a no go. If he said, it had happened naturally, they would probably have been miscarried or blightened ovums. They also started me on lovenox which I will pick up tomorrow and begin for my Factor V Leiden. I’m glad they aren’t ignoring it and the lovenox should keep me pregnant.

In back terms, my life sucks. I ended up in the ER on Saturday morning after crying on the floor for 2 hours. I am now on oxycontin until the transfer and valium for sleep at night. My whole leg goes numb and sometimes I can’t feel my feet.  The pain sucks. I have about a 6 hour window in which I can get things done before hurting again. I’ve tried the chiropractor, ice, heat patches. I am praying it will resolve on its own and I won’t need surgery. I am also wearing a very sexy back support (under my clothes) and sneakers. I am terrified of more surgery, especially while pregnant.

We will know if we are doing the 5 day tomorrow. Please send positive thoughts and prayers our way.


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