Good and Bad


First the good: we transferred 2 gorgeous blasts on Saturday. 1AB and 1 slightly behind. My RE told us there was still a possibility of twins. Transfer went great, lining looks great. He upped my dose of lovenox to 80 ccs per day.

Now the bad: In the last week, I have been to 3 emergency rooms in the worse pain of my life. I can’t eat. I can’t sit. All I can do it kneel on all fours like a dog (I eat like that too, so elegant) or lie down. I can only sit after pain meds and I am taking them so sporadically because I’m worried about the embies. I can have 1 class C med every 12 hours and that only last for about 4 hours. I have a surgery consult tomorrow. The MRI showed I completely blew out my L5, S1 disc. It needs to be removed because it is pressing on my sciatic nerve.

I am trying so hard not to take meds and the DRs keep assuring me that the small amount of narcotics will not hurt the embies because all they are doing is implanting and dividing right now. If we do the surgery sooner rather than later, it may save both of us (that I can carry a pregnancy and not become paralyzed). Also, on the bad, we don’t have any frosties.

I have been on constant bed rest. Symptoms today are AF like cramping and frequent urination. The urination may be because of the meds but my nurse was happy with the cramping. I guess it is good news if we can rush the surgery so I can have a healthy pregnancy and if I’m not pregnant this time,  and I get the surgery done, hopefully no more issues in the future.


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  1. Oh my god that is so horrid! The back issue I mean! The baby news sounds great and very promising! It sounds like you have good docs. I hope they can figure out how to help you and the little embies. Hugs!

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