Miracle and Amazement!


gab's phone 260Holy Cow!!!! This is 7dp5dt! It came up in about 40 seconds! this is the first + pregnancy test I’ve ever had. You, dear readers, are the first to know because my family doesn’t know this blog exists and I won’t tell them until I have real #s. So for today, we’ll just keep the pee stick between us.

I’ve been trying to figure out what are pregnancy symptoms and what are meds, haven’t been able to sort it out at all. I did take a 2 hour nap yesterday and my boobs are bigger but I wrote that off as either narcotics or progesterone. Please keep your fingers crossed that this is a real baby!

My beta is Tuesday, 5 days early. MO2 is going to draw the blood at home (because I can’t sit in the lab chair) and then he will take it in. He can also read the results to me so I won’t hear it from a stranger. I am a little concerned because I have to stop baby aspirin and lovenox tonight in preparation for the surgery.

I guess the good meds are out for the surgery. They will do a spinal with some conscious sedation. That will suck but I’m so grateful to be having this surgery early and know the pain will end, I’m counting the days. Please keep us in your thoughts.


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