My surgery, I have to admit, was hellish.

However, the staff in the OR and Recovery were awesome!

Because I am pregnant, they only used local and an epidural. I was awake through the whole thing. The first part wasn’t too bad until the surgeon started removing the disk. The DR said that is was one of the biggest herniations she has ever seen and, “no wonder you were in so much pain.” The most disconcerting part was feeling her poke around my spine and every time she hit the sciatic nerve which was extremely inflamed, it hurt like hell. The CRNA kept me calm the whole time, we talked about all kinds of crazy things between me gasping. I think I crushed her hands.  They showed me the big pieces of disk that they took out (I asked if it was gross before I looked) but it looked like big chunks of crab meat.

Today I am sore and will be for the next two weeks (remember I’ve been through this before). They’ve already removed the staples.  I can move very slowly and am not taking any medication except for Tylenol.  I actually slept through the night last night, although it is still hard to roll. I have to use objects for leverage to roll over and have to lean on things to get up. My appetite is coming back.

As for baby bean, the vote is still out. I have slowly increasing betas that have me worried. My RE is not upset because today is the morning of my originally scheduled beta. As of yesterday, we were just below 200. Now baby bean should begin to double provided he/she has survived. Time will tell. I’ve cried over this enough now. The surgery was unavoidable and I went with the hand of cards I was dealt. Who knows how this will end.  We do know now that the nausea I had was not meds but baby bean. I’m living on mint tea and saltines. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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