Another Update


2192_pregnancy_cartoonBeanie is still doubling. Although she/he is not over 500, she/he is at the 66% that they want to see. They are worried about an ectopic still so we will probably have an early u/s this week to see if there is anything in the uterus. If so, we’ll continue to go on until we have a HB or not. If there is an ectopic, then I’ll start on methotrexate to save my tube. According to SG nurse, even with the methotrexate, as soon as AF comes I’m good to go for another cycle. I have told my husband it is clearly evident that this bean has his stubborn DNA! Thank you for all the prayers & support. We’ll continue to wait. I am sure that the lab people are tired of me and tiny, little veins!

In other news, back is doing much better, was able to get my nails done today in celebration for our 9th anniversary!


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