Early UltraSound


Today’s beta 787.4 up from 481 on Monday.

Today’s u/s showed something in the uterus (a frog, a kitten, who knows?) because it so early and hard to tell. The DR was completely non-committal about what’s going on (because it is so early) other than so say it looks to him like there is something in the uterus and not in the tubes. He doesn’t think there is a need to start me on methotrexate because he’s not sure it is ectopic but I got the speech “if you have sharp pain” , go directly to the ER,” speech as this is a holiday weekend. So I guess I am in limbo some more. I am surprised actually that they could see anything! I did find out that if the pg does not progress they will give me drugs to move it out instead of a D & C which is good news to me. I have another u/s scheduled for 9/8.

In other world news, the Duggars are expecting child #19. MO2 and I want to get us some Duggar eggs (well from maybe kids 1-9, not the double digit pregnancies). They have good looking kids (aside from the frumpy clothes) and are clearly proven donors. Here’s to you, Michelle Duggar! Gosh you must have a tired uterus!



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  1. Is that a good beta number? Hope you aren’t too stressed and your back is feeling better. I can certainly emphasize with ya. Had 3 slipped disks and a ruptured something this summer and I can only just sit in a char.

  2. Ouch! I appreciate how much that hurts! It is a mediocre beta number but it is still doubling which is a good sign although its overall rise is slower than normal. They aren’t sure why. It could be damaged or just the trauma from the surgery could have retarded it somehow

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