Today’s UltraSound


1st us 001

We actually got to see something at today’s ultrasound. We have just one baby who we refer to as the “bench warmer,” (due primarily to its non-aggressive nature). We are into the mid-2500s on HCG. I was really afraid we were going to see just an empty sack today so I was heartened to see the sack and yolk. They hope to see the fetal pole and maybe the heart beat next week although my sonographer told me that heart beats are tricky things and you may see them one hour and not the next this early in the game.

To be honest with you, my nurse (at SG) is driving me crazy. Today she asked me if there was a heartbeat. I am not even a month from fertilization and the Dr here at Ft. LivingRoom doesn’t seem worried or upset. It is making me neurotic! That is the last thing I want to be at this time. I’m neurotic enough as it is! For some weird reason, SG keeps telling me I am 6 weeks by dates when my fertilization was on MO2’s birthdate (August 11th). I’m not sure I get where the other two weeks come from.


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  1. Congratulations on getting this far. Thinking good thoughts.

    As for the two weeks, they count from the last menstrual cycle. I don’t know why ,but that’s just how it’s done. That’s why she keeps saying you’re 6 weeks now. 🙂

  2. that is such good news! I am hoping that your little one hangs in there good and strong – it all sounds very promising. I don’t blame you for being nervous about it – I would be the same!!!

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