Moving On


Good bye to the Bench Warmer. Today’s u/s showed no fetal growth or heart beat.

I am relieved.

I will stop all medications as of tonight. If I don’t start bleeding by Thursday (and since I’m a good med responder, I doubt I will), they will give me some meds to help things along. I mentioned to the RE that I was hoping to get my miscarriage over by next week because I am going back to work on Monday. He informed me that the military gives 7 days of convalescent leave (free days off) in the event of a miscarriage. Who knew? To me, the best thing I can do is go back to work but if I’m bleeding heavily, I’d prefer not to be there (bleeding through a uniform while chairing a meeting is not so appealing to me). I had to tell my boss. It’s hard, I don’t want pity, I just want to move on. However, my leadership philosophy is that if you tell people the truth, then it is easier for them to understand and guarantees more compliance. The two supervisors I told were great.

Moving on.. I figure it will be two to three months (possibly December before I can cycle again). I have to wait until my beta is zero. Who knows how long that will take before I can select another donor. I only work with proven donors,  so we’ll have to see what is available and who my RE selects (we’re giving him a choice of 3 possibilities from the donor base).

Here’s what I plan to do in the coming weeks while we wait:

1. Get my new military social workers integrated into the clinic. They just graduated from the military’s new Master of Social Work Program at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. Both are experienced officers who are new to Social Work.

2. Firm up our initiative and funding to have 5 licensed clincal social workers in the Emergency Room 24/7.

3. Hopefully get rid of the crazy Major in my office once and for all.

4. Start working towards walking the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon once I’m cleared by the surgeon. I may never run again but there is no reason I can’t have fitness goals.

5. Finish my mandatory and (oh so painful) Lieutenant Colonel’s Course (one more dready module to go).

6. Have my official photo taken for next year’s Lieutenant Colonel’s board BEFORE I’m pregnant again (despite what they say, pregnant in an official military photo for promotion is prejudicial)

7. Speak with colleague at the University of Pennsylvania (my alum) about a military social work career (this speech was interrupted by the back surgery)

8. Have a rocking good time at our annoual Hallowe’en party

9. Ride the rides (back permitting) at the annual State Fair (I LOVE state fairs).

10. Finish putting up the remainders of my garden, jalapeno jelly in the works for today.

11. Lose 10 pounds so I can gain it all back with the next pregnancy.


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  1. I’m so sorry that it worked out this way. You have been through so much. It’s great that you have a plan. Take care of yourself and best of luck to you.

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