Have You Heard About This?


A Ohio woman was implanted and is now pregnant with the wrong embryo is planning to give the baby back after birth.

Here’s the story.

Wow, these are brave people. They have a history of difficult pregnancies and I think this their 3rd or 4th child. I wonder how they would feel about giving the baby up if it is their only child. I’m not sure if I could do it but I  admire them. I wonder if they just decided to give the baby back because they thought it was the right thing to do, or they were ordered to.  Can you imagine that custody battle? What a mess. I certainly hope that there is litigation and compensation for both families.

In other news, no AF yet so tomorrow we take the medication to help things along. Hoping it won’t be a horrible experience but I am planning to drag out my narcotics from my back surgery that I never used! I want this over with so I can go back to work on Monday.


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