Decisions, Decisions


Sorry to be so MIA, since I have been back to work, it has been crazy beyond belief and I’ve been the only supervisor for the last couple of days…

Anyway, MO2 and I received our new donor password and trying to choose between two donors. One would be using fresh donor eggs (DE) and the other donor has frozen eggs.  Here is the comparison:

Fresh donor: In college, proven donor with 5 pregnancies out of 7 recipients.  2 live births and all the others are still pregnant.Enough traits in common that child would look relatively like us (not that it really matters) but donor and I are the same height and bonus! her weight is what I wish mine was (MO2 and I really struggle with our weight, not great for two military officers). Nothing significant in history or particularly concerning.

Frozen egg donor: SG has a new program using frozen DE. Benefits are you can cycle immediately, it is a free cycle in that it is an extra shot that does not count against the 6 cycles (so in actuality, a 7th cycle) and if you get pregnant, they deduct $5,000.00 off your costs (in our case we’d get a refund). Donor is a college grad (teacher). SG has a 60% success rate with frozen eggs. Donor is 25 but she is 5’11.  We are 5’8 and 5.10″ respectively.  Growing up my best friend was a girl who ended up being 6’4. Being that tall was very painful for her and 5’11 is pretty tall. I don’t want my child to go through a ton of pain if it is a girl. I do like her profile and her responses.

What would you do? I’m leaning toward more the traditional cycle this time. I don’t want to deal with the emotional strain of another miscarriage or BFN. I’m not sure, despite the obvious incentives, if my ego can take another blow.


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  1. Well, you know I am biased because we are planning on using donor eggs.
    Have you looked at the research about success rates with “fresh” eggs versus “frozen”?
    If you do think you can manage this I would say for for the highest success rate (which I am pretty sure is the fresh eggs) , because speaking for myself – I would rather get pregnant sooner than later even if I had a total of six tries and knew that was the insurance policy just in case things didn’t go acording to plan. That’s just my opinion and the fresh donor sounds more promising in terms of physical characteristics too. Good luck with the decision. (HUGS)

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