AF Where Art Thou?


Dear AF:

I’ve been waiting patiently since July. It’s been over 4 weeks since my miscarriage, where are you?

 Love, me.

Seriously, why is AF late when you want her and early when you don’t? I have to call my nurse and find out if I can start meds if she doesn’t arrive. Has anyone been in the same predicament? I think I could use provera and I believe I read on someone’s blog, that they used progesterone.

In other news, MO2 and I have been diligently re-screening our porch (it had been done poorly by the last owners of our house) and MO2 winterized our laundry room, the only room in the house without double hung windows. Now all we have to do is add insulation under the backroom. I want a covered gutter for the front of the house (not too expensive) and a I’ve picked out a new front door @ Lowe’s.  We also bit the bullet and mentally picked our new living room furniture (when we can afford it). It’s been 10 years since we changed the living room furniture and it is about time.

We went to the NC State fair on Friday night. Gosh this state went from 80 to freezing in 24 hours. Last weekend it was in the 80s and at the State Fair, it was time for winter coats, hats and gloves! I had a good time even though I let MO2 buy me a cheese steak (I’m from PA and know a good cheese steak and never eat them outside of Philly) that was terrible but a fresh lime fizz made up for that. I enjoyed the crafts and of course, looking at the chickens. I had to give my girls up when we moved from CO, but I figure I can always look. There were several exotics that were reasonably priced. Raleigh is a chicken friendly city and actually has a coop tour every year, the Tour de Coup.  Now you know that I’m secretly a granola!

Coop07I love my chickens. If they weren’t illegal where I live in the new house, I’d have more. Actually as soon as we put up our 6 foot fence, my friend on the city council told me I would be okay to have them. I might actually build a coop for a friend this weekend. Maybe I could get some chickens and keep them at her place until we finish the fence.


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  1. love the chickens!
    I used provera a few times when AF was hanging back. It worked! Hope you can get some of the stuff!
    You all have been busy!
    PS i have friends that live outside the triangle area who have chickens, ducks, goats, you name it!

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