All in the Name of Science


I am going to be a guinea pig.

You are the only people who know about it, because it is a secret.

Yesterday I was given the bad news that there was no way I could cycle before XMAS. I just have to say, “WTF!” SG’s labs close for most of December (which I think is ridiculous but MO2 -speaking from the clinical point of view-thinks it is to give the staff a break). Anyway the only way we can cycle before that is to do a frozen donor egg cycle, which is the same as an FET.

It is new and has decent (65%) success rates but it is a win for me in that it doesn’t count as one of 6 cycles at SG. So in essence, it is a free cycle. If I am successful than I get (drumroll please) $5,000.00 back from my costs (enough for the new Pottery Barn living room furniture I’ve been craving and bonus, a baby)!

I’m just kidding.

The baby is the real incentive here but who could turn down money back. Also I can begin my cycle as soon as AF arrives (provided by beta is 0 today), I can start my provera tonight. If I don’t cycle now, I’m sitting around waiting until January. If I try and get a bfn, I will still be able to start a fresh cycle in January so it really boils down to doing something for free vs. doing nothing.

I have been having a tough time with donor selection. The last time it was between the frozen donor egg girl and the fresh cycle girl. Frozen donor (let’s call her Frostie) has a college degree and everything on her application was spelled correctly. That is a huge plus for me and I absolutely hate to sound like a snob but if you can’t spell, then I struggle (although I can excuse a consistent transposition of letters). I liked her responses because they were sensitive and thoughtful, I like that she is athletic and is a teacher. The only thing I don’t like is that she is 5’11. I’m 5’8 and MO2 is 5’10. However, MO2’s Dad is over 6 foot and my brother and grandfather are both over 6 feet, so it is plausible that we could have a tall biological child. Frostie also resembles my husband’s coloring.

One of my online friends just completed a frozen donor egg cycle with SG and is now pregnant (although I submit that she has a distinct advantage as she already has a child). There have been babies born from this technology and there is no waiting, the donor has already cycled. They have her eggs. She can’t cancel . I don’t have to wait for 2 other recipients which is a definite plus (as of this week, no one else had selected my fresh donor). The only thing I have to worry about is whether the eggs inseminate (my online friend only had 2 fertilize out of 4).

Here is a link to an article about frozen donor eggs:

The first child in America born with frozen donor eggs

It is interesting to be part of science and developing technology. In other science news, I have an appointment with a hematologist to ensure that the dose of lovenox I was on was appropriate for my Factor V Leiden and didn’t contribute to my miscarriage. I probably need to get myself tested for Waldenstrom’s Syndrome (my mother has it) as well. That test involves bone marrow extraction so we’ll see how brave I am. What is up with Swedes and their clotting disorders? In other news, one of my younger brothers just found out he is a cystic fibrosis carrier. I am not.  Not a good genetic day for my family.

Let’s hope for good results from the hematologist. I’m not happy to be an odd mutation!


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