Ms. Cranky Pants


That would be me and frankly I’m pissed off.

I am STILL waiting for AF after 10 days of Provera. the signs are sort of there. I’m WAY bitchier than usual (and I’m not a PMS sufferer), my face is breaking out and I am crampy on and off. The only thing I have to show for it is two tiny drops of blood (sorry if you are squeamish). This whole experience is enough to make me want to cry. Argh!!!

Another thing that is annoying me is that I discovered that I was given 2 times the recommended dose of lovenox during my last (and so far) only pregnancy. I had been worried all along that my RE was way too cavalier about the lovenox dosage and I always suspected he never checked with the hematologist and just guessed at the dosage. Since I work in a military treatment facility, I got a consult to see our hematologist who was appalled at the 80 ccs of lovenox I was given. According to her, I should have stuck to just baby aspirin until the 8th week of the pregnancy and then added only 40 ccs of lovenox, not 80 and not from the beginning! I’m not sure if I’m to blame on this…perhaps I should have followed my gut and insisted on a hematology review but I figured, “well he is a doctor and a sub-specialist, he must know what he is doing…” Wrong!

It is hard to say what led to the miscarriage. Was it the emergency surgery and all the meds? Was it the f^&*ed up blood thinner? Or was it just my fate?

Strangely I find myself angrier now than I was when I went through everything. I’m hoping this is just the advent of AF and my mood will pass as well.


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