And Away We Go!!!


AF is here!!! After the slowest presentation ever, she is moving right along and so are we.

I got my chart from my nurse on Friday, which was a blessing. Here’s how a frozen donor egg cycle goes:

  • about 14 days of BCPs.
  • baseline u/s
  • doxy for 7 days and baby aspirin which I already take
  • about 20 days of delestrogen every 3 rd day
  • second u/s
  • Progesterone in oil beginning two days before transfer and until whenever

That’s it. No lupron (so many people complain about lupron but it hasn’t bothered me-yet).

My nurse said that SG’s success rate for frozen donor eggs is up to 80% (in my cynical case, I’m not putting the cart before the horse). I’m still not expecting this cycle to be successful but it is a free cycle so I’m not too worried about it. It gives me something to do when I could be doing nothing. I wonder if other people with pregnancy loss are as cautious as I am or as jaded. Maybe when the time gets closer, I’ll feel differently. My biggest worry is that the eggs won’t fertilize. Last cycle 7 0f 10 fertilized normally. This time, I believe they thaw fewer eggs, which mean that they might not fertilize, although I am not sure how many will be thawed.

My friend who did a frozen egg cycle only had 4 thawed. Only two fertilized. She transferred 2 at 3 days and is pregnant with a hb now.

My nurse also told me that they will let the eggs go to blast if they fertilize well (which surprised me because I only thought they would consider a 3 day transfer). To be honest, I’d prefer to use DS for a better track record. This is MO2’s last shot with his boys and the RE doesn’t think we have any thing to be concerned about as we are not diagnosed with MFI. I’m just paranoid.

I won’t tell you my transfer date (did you really think I’d fess up)? But I’ll give you updates along the way.


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