Better Place


Yesterday I turned in my last and final assignment for my LTC’s course (all 50 slides). If it doesn’t get kicked back (and I’m not sure that it will), I am done, done, done!

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted. Now onto other projects.

My job is still dull but less so because my boss (the Colonel) is away for the week which means I get more done. He is a terrific guy but has a pretty pronounced and semi-corrected hearing impairment.  It can sometimes be challenging to work with him because he doesn’t do well on the phone and sometimes I have to translate at meetings. I am more focused when he is out so I’ve been pretty productive.

I am going to shell out $400+ today for a new dress uniform for my promotion picture. My branch of the service has changed the dress uniform and the wear out date for the old one is fast approaching. I figure I better just bite the bullet and pay for a new one. I’m sure it will be more comfortable than the old one as I am heavier now and the old uniform was some 20 lbs ago !

My brother and I have been talking about how our kids will be close in age and will go to school together. By the time my kid is in second grade, we will have retired from the Army. I own a house about 5 blocks away from my brother and 4 blocks away from my Mom’s. That has made me feel better and I feel less left out.

We are all set to go on our cycle. I have doxy in hand and they added folgard. I have my base line u/s next weekend. Now let’s see if those bad boys fertilize in the coming weeks.


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