Putting the Turkey in Thanksgiving


We are headed home at midnight on Weds to beat the traffic in the NorthEast and to travel the 8 hours home. Hopefully we will be able to meet my brother and his wife (the pregnant one)  for breakfast before they go running off to her parents (we alternate years where they vary what relative they will be spending the holidays with). We will have a relaxing T-Day with my Mom and just hang out.

Friday morning, we’ll walk to breakfast with friends and then prepare to drive to MD to visit my father. My Dad did not invite me this year to Thanksgiving which is usually an omission on his part (he’s not a big planner like that) but apparently is upset that I’m not coming for Thanksgiving (which of course he did not mention it to me but my Stepmother felt she needed to convey ) So we’ll be there Friday for dinner and then at 9 I will excuse myself because my good friend is leaving early that morning for Afghanistan and we’ll see her off before she goes to the lock down area.

The next day, we’re off to SG for our baseline. Normally I would do them here @ Ft. Livingroom but since they want it done on Saturday, the Army is not open, I’ll have to go over the holiday. I take my last BCP tomorrow and first delestrogen shot Saturday evening.


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