Daily Diet


We are hanging in there with the diet with only minor cheating. So far, I’ve dropped 2 lbs and probably shouldn’t drop any more weight this week. I am using the Oxygen magazine’s Get Off the Couch 21 day diet program. The only drawback is that you eat the exact same meal every day of the week . MO2 likes this because it makes it easy to remember when and what to eat. I am non-committal. 

I am eating 4 oz  of a chicken breast at lunch daily and fish every night. I am not sure if I will want to continue with the fish every night the week of transfer, I’ve heard the pros and cons of fish while pregnant. It is cooked so it is not like I am eating sushi. Any thoughts out there?

Other than that we are trucking along with our medications and not expecting any major issues. Since we are using frozen donor eggs there is no obsession for me with the donor’s follicles or her stims. It is nice that SG uses only repeat (e.g. proven donors) for this process. I’m not sure if I expect to work but it has done a lot to minimize my anxiety since the retrieval is already completed. Less stress definitely makes me happy, especially when things are busy at work (I’m the only supervisor here this week).

I’ve got oral surgery next week (no big deal) but I get two days off to recover. I am probably the only person in america who is thrilled to have oral surgery so they can get time off-how sick is that?


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