Oral Fixation


Not what you are thinking…

I just had my oral surgery this morning, where they created a flap to remove a pocket around my gum and fixed a filing overhang that was causing problems. I am (as the song goes) comfortably numb and (bonus) have quarters the next two days. Quarters is the military equivalent to sick leave since we don’t get that. It is free leave ( thus is non-chargeable). It  gives me a chance to get my Christmas cards done and relax. I can watch “Secret Lives of Women” and “Psychic Investigator” without worrying that I am boring MO2.The sutures feel pretty weird in my mouth, but they come out next Tuesday, the same day we get our fertilization report.

I have to admit I am worried about our fert report. I agonized over it last time and we did fine 7/10 fertilized normally which hits SG’s 70% they like to see. MO2 also has a living child which I think influences our RE’s decision about DS. I tried to get them to consider DS for this cycle, but no go. If I m/c again,  my RE has agreed to let us use it exclusively.  I already have a list of DS candidates at California Cryobank all ready to go. MO2 has bought off on it as well.

MO2 has a family history of a genetic disease that he carries that has led to many m/c and still births for his sister and mother. The chance that he carries it are less than 1:4. However, the results are devastating. His 25-year-old nephew has the motor skills of an 8 month old and a similar cognitive function. He has had over 4 open heart surgeries to correct a transposition of his artery and valve prolapse.  He is in diapers and is non-verbal with CP and autism thrown in the mix. We have been straight with SG that if our child has this disease, we will terminate and they are ok with that. Sadly, MO2’s nephew has been on hospice for the last 5 years. We are all wondering if he will win the hospice longevity award (if there is such a thing). His sister has gone through hell raising her son and it is an absolute credit to her and the care that she gives him that he is still living. I believe he is the oldest living person ( at 25) in the US with this disease.

So every cycle, I obsess about the fertilization report. I’m not worried about stims or how our donor will do because those eggs (with frozen oocytes) have already been collected. You will just have to bear with me.

You are reading the words of an official graduate of our Intermediate Level Education (ILE) our Lieutenant Colonel’s course. It is the last military school I will ever need to attend unless I go to the War College (something which is highly unlikely). When I got the official news on Friday, I had a martini to celebrate (while I still can)! What a monkey off my back! Now onto other ones…as soon as I get my new uniform back from alterations I can schedule for my new official photo. I’ll need that for the my promotion board in February. This is my early look this year (so chances are I won’t get picked up), but I would rather have it done now than try to do a promotion picture pregnant.  Although it is great for me,  not so great for an official photo!


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