Plush Pad


Again, I’m a lining rock star.  The embies (if there are any) will have a nice place to call home. Appointment this morning showed lining at an 11mm so no worries there, all labs are within normal limits.  Monday is thaw day and Tuesday we’ll have our first fertilization report. Then we will have an idea of whether we will have a 3 or 5 day transfer.

I’ve been pretty anxious about this cycle and slightly pessimistic since we are using the frozen donor eggs this time. I had a dream that all the results were negative and then I heard a voice say.” you’ve got to put the eggs in first.”  To me this meant, you can’t worry about what will be until we see what the eggs do and actually put the eggs into the body! We will transfer 2 embryos.

More to come, I start PIO on Sunday night. I don’t love that medication but I do appreciate its therapeutic effect.


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  1. Hi there! That does indeed look like a plush landing pad! I am hoping that the thaw goes well and that you have two lovely embies to transfer. I will be watching closely as we are doing an FET next month. FX!

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