Fertilization Report


We had a 3/6 out of six fertilize! I thought we didn’t do so well with 50% but my nurse assured me that this really good for frozen DE (who knew)  We will definitely transfer 2. I asked the nurse if I should count on a 3 day transfer and she said not to count on anything at this point, it could easily be a 5 day and I might have 1 to freeze. She also reiterated that the frozen DE success rate was 80% (though I’m usually on the wrong side of the statistics). I doubt I ‘ll have any make it to freeze (I didn’t last time). My nurse also mentioned that even with a fresh cycle, most people usually have 3-4 good embryos in the 1:3 program. So now I am cautiously optimistic. I’ll keep you updated on the embie progress.


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