Offsides Play


We transferred 2 embies, one 8 cell and one 5 cell. I am not super optimistic because I am used to blast transfers so I feel more confident with them. From what I can tell, blasts transfer have a slightly better chance but not much different. I think I have embryo envy or as my friend Spencer says, I have an embryo inferiority complex. Spencer is 15 weeks pg with a frozen donor egg baby and hers was a 5 cell and 7 cell transfer. MO2 and I call this cycle our off sides play. It is was one of those opportunities to go for points without any costs. If I didn’t try frozen this cycle, I would have had to wait until after the New Year for fresh. So it was the only way to get a cycle in.

In a more positive light, I learned that SG’s no longer doing a trial of the frozen donor eggs that they have been so successful (8 pregnancies out of 11), that it is no longer in its trial status but they think it is the wave of the future. In fact the stats for the frozens were the same as the fresh. I asked him if he felt that the vitrified eggs may be slightly more robust due to the vitrification process and he said that it was a distinct possibility. There are a few cons.

  1. It is less likely that the eggs will make it to freeze which means that there is not much chance for snow baby sibs
  2. Apparently only half of the eggs typically fertilize. Clinics like SG only give you 6 frozen eggs per cycle (although it is much cheaper), so it is not a lot of eggs to work with, especially if they don’t do well
  3. It is a typically a 3 day transfer although 1 set has made it to blast
  4. SG is only willing to transfer 2 embryos (I almost had my RE willing to consider 3 but MO2 said no).

and the pros:

  1. Much easier to cycle and not much waiting to sync
  2. Donors are only proven donors at SG
  3. Cheaper and less meds (no lupron)
  4. No worries about how donor stims. The eggs are there and you know how many you are getting from the get go
  5. Similar success rates to fresh cycle
  6. Only 2 u/s if you respond well to meds. I had a baseline and a lining check and that was it.

I’ve had a good day resting. MO2 has been waiting on me. We were going to stay until Sat but the NE is expecting heavy snows so we are going to head out as soon as we can tomorrow (which makes me happy). My brother and sister stopped by the hotel room to visit which was great to make the day go faster. I’ve had cramping most of the day but my RE had trouble getting the catheter in (I have a tricky cervix). I was pretty symptom free except for mild cramping for my BFP so I’m not worried there. I don’t expect many symptoms.

Next cycle, I want to do fresh with donor sperm. I’m not thinking this one will be a BFP but it was an interesting experience. Thank God for a free cycle and shared risk!


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  1. You never know do you though!? You sound like you’re handling this transfer in the right mind set though. Does this attempt count as one of your “transfer’s” in the shared risk? I ask because I’m currently looking at SG after I finish this FET from my 1st cycle… Please feel free to e-mail me directly I really would like to hear about other peoples experience with SG. Thanks! My fingers are crossed for you!

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