And A Happy New Year!


Very faint BFP this morning! I am 7dp3dt. I tested (mostly out of fear). I wanted to prove to myself that these symptoms weren’t in my head. After doing this for a while you wonder, “is it progesterone or is it memorex?”

Now of course I’m paranoid after last cycle’s m/c. We’ll have to wait until next week for the beta and hopefully we won’t have a benchwarmer like last time. It is hard for me because we are traveling which means I have to use an independent lab and can’t read my own labs. The loss of that protective level of control is killing me! To make matters worse, labcorps won’t tell me, they will only tell my nurse. Oh the indignity! (Who am I kidding-you all put up with that all the time).

While I am thankful… I am also very, very cautious. Please keep your fingers crossed!


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  1. wow -another Holiday BFP! Yeah! I am hoping very hard for you that things work out and you get your results at least in some kind of respectable time. Oh to be in control!!

  2. Thank you all so much! I love cont5rol but sadly I’ve long since given it up. We’ll see how this goes. Beta is not until next week. I appreciate your warm wishes!

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