Last Beta


It took me all morning to find someone to put in my beta. I can read labs but I don’t order them.

Normally, our RE’s nurse is there (she works downstairs) but she is off today. Then I tried my favorite ob/gyn doc and she is off. So finally I had to beg my old Nurse Case manager to find a DR to put it in.  In the military, you can’t just walk up with a faxed in lab order and get seen, it has to be entered into our system. The problem is finding someone (anyone) to do the entering.

Because it was a Monday and because it is busy, I had to wait 40 minutes at the lab. so the b/w didn’t even go in until 1330 (or 1:30 pm for you civilians). I’ve been obsessively checking my labs this afternoon and finally the number came in…2181!!!

I’m so thrilled. Now I don’t have any more betas until our u/s. According to the nurse, I am five weeks next week even though our fertilization date was until 12/14. It is so weird how they calculate these things. She also says I should have a HB next week which absolutely strikes terror in my heart (as you know we never got to a HB last time). I tried to stall the appointment by asking her if she wanted me to have it at the end of next week, but no, they want to see if it is placed properly, etc…So I’ll see when I can get my u/s (but I’m not rushing). I just want to enjoy this for a little bit. I  promise, no more boring beta posts either. Because do you really want to read them?


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  1. What a great #! Fantastic!!! I understand your feelings on wanting to enjoy this, but I think you are going to have a wonderful u/s!! All the best to you! What a Happy New Year!!!

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