Waiting for U/S


I’m a tricky one.

I scheduled my u/s for next Weds. SG wants me to do the u/s ASAP . I was worried that with my history I wanted enough time for the baby to develop and possible have a HB so I lied and told SG nurse that there weren’t any appointments available until next week (mid week). I’m just so afraid of the u/s I’ve been stalling.

I haven’t had many symptoms. I am more tired than usual at night. I’m finding myself in bed by 9pm. But until recently, I haven’t been tired during the day. Nothing really hurts although I’ve had some intermittent cramping and my boobs are sore (but not awful). I’ve had some slight pinkish discharge but nothing that resembles blood or even spotting. I’m tempted to go get another HCG but it would only tell me if the numbers are going up and there is nothing I can do to change things either way so I might make myself crazy for no reason. I hate m/c for making me a nervous wreck!!

Yesterday our heater gave up the ghost (it more than 20 years old). So $5,000.00 later and a lot of repair calls we will have reliable heat tonight (thank goodness). MO2 and I are planning one last trip before the baby comes and had planned to go to St. Thomas in the Spring. Hopefully we’ll still be able to go and the money won’t be diverted to, “the replace the heater fund!” Our state, like most places, is undergoing the extreme cold snap so I think working heat is more of a priority than an island vacation. We were hoping to pay off the baby by june but this has probably set us back a month or so. C’est la vie.


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