Symptoms Onset


I broke down and had another beta today.

7012. According to the calculator I used, I’m doubling every 54 hours which is fine according to my nurse. Apparently once you are over 6,000 ml you should double every 72-96 hours. Who knew?

But all of a sudden I’m nauseous (but not bad) and oh so tired. Yesterday I came home and fell asleep with my full uniform on to include jacket and hat after work. MO2 woke me up to go see the UT/AL game (which I was pissed about because all I wanted to do is sleep). I fell asleep before halftime on a friend’s sofa and then I had to wake up to go home. We had a 2 hour late start today due to weather and boy, did I like the extra sleep. I plan a deep and fulfilling relationship with my sofa this evening. I have to admit I’m relieved. The symptoms are reassuring to me. My staff keeps telling me I look tired!


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