Another View of “Rock and Roll”


Those are their nicknames because MO2 is original.


I wonder if Rock will resent us for the nickname. I think they look like little lima beans.

Baby A measuring about 7 weeks with a HB of 134 bpm

Baby B measuring the same with a HB of 133 bpm.

I’m wondering how they manage to only show 1 twin per photo, but no matter what, it is a beautiful sight.

We were up all night worried about them. Isn’t it sad when early pregnancy loss has conditioned you to be afraid of ultrasounds. I have my first OB appointment 4 Feb. Soon, it will be time to start weaning meds. They’ve added back lovenox to the nightly routine (yuck).

My fatigue comes in waves but no vomiting, just spotting. I guess if it doesn’t come out one end, it comes out another!


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  1. Rock and roll look great and the heartbeats are awesome. What strong little babies! They’ll have fun teasing you about their nicknames when they are older!!!

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