Between Appointments


It looks like we are released to our OB. I start my meds weaning soon (Feb 4th), the same day  I have my first OB appointment. I think the appointment is just an intake but I’ve already been transferred to the high risk clinic.

I really would like an appointment between now and then but hey, you can’t have everything. I usually see my RE almost every morning by the elevator on our way to our respective offices so he normally checks in with me to see how I’m doing (benefits of military health care). He is still is going on about how I was overdosed on lovenox on my last cycle…

I’m doing pretty well.  The spotting has stopped and I’m always fighting the sleep monster but really I can’t complain. I’m starting to find it hard to button the top button of my jeans. I’ve had to resort to the belly band to keep one set of my uniform pants up. Although they are supposedly the same size as my other uniform pants, they’ve always been snugger in the waist (can you say lowest bidder?). I read in my twins book that a preggo with twins uterus is 6 weeks ahead in size than a woman pregnant with a singleton’s. Who have imagined that!

Work has kept me busy as we prepare for our bi-annual ACS accreditation. I’m also down a clerk so my NCO and I trying to keep things moving. It is frightening how government employees can leave their jobs for years and we can’t fill them. Although this has not happened yet, the more time she is out the more fearful I get!

Let’s give a shout out to all the upcoming FETs…KS in Inconceivable, a POF Journey and Claire at Happy Go Lucky. Thinking of you both!


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  1. Aw, you’re so sweet to shout out for me! Sounds like you are going strong despite the sleepyness and the burgeoning belly. Can you see that belly band or do you just cover it with your top? I hsmave a hard time fitting into my pants already and I’m not pregnant yet! Good luck and I hope things keep going well for you and the twins!

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