Got to see Rock and Roll today. I lost a bit of tissue (which turned out to be more brown CM) so we ran downstairs and ran a quick u/s. Both are doing great with HBs of 150ish and measuring 8 weeks, 1 day. They also have different placentas which is wonderful. The DR mentioned that spotting may also be due to a leep I had in 2001 where cancerous cells were shaved off my cervix with a mini-cheese slicer thingy. My cervix has had that trauma and now as he put it, “carrying a double loaded rucksack” (don’t you love our crazy jargon) is putting more weight on the cervix and causing the spotting. He also measured the cervix to check for effacement. All is fine and put in my chart that I will need a cervix check every appointment (both by feel and the length on u/s). I feel fortunate to work in a place where I can get seen the same day. I just hope I’m not too neurotic!

In other news in the blogosphere, there is talk on the blogs I follow about selective reduction. Sprogblogger has a very sincere, courageous, heartfelt posting about her decision to reduce. It is writing that is truly worth your time and attention, regardless of your view on the topic.


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