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I noticed yesterday that the left side of my belly is bigger than the right. You can see it and feel it. I hope this is not indicative of a problem.

What I suspect is going on is that both twins are in the same position with their sacks right on top of each other, facing the same way as they were on the Weds u/s. Our u/s tech told me that eventually they will choose their own side of the uterus, but they are not there yet.

At the ultrasound Rock was waving and Roll was sucking its thumb/finger. They are starting to look a bit like babies.  Rock was measuring 12 weeks, 1 day and Roll 11 weeks, 6 days.

I am happy to report that I am starting to expand my repertoire to more food and I’m starting to have an appetite again. Also a big bonus, we have d/c all meds except for lovenox. The absolute worse were the progesterone suppositories which made the nether regions all itchy. Nothing like a two-week long yeast infection! Glad that is over so the parts can go back to normal. Fatigue is finally starting to lift as well.

I signed up for day care last week (yes, there is a long waiting list) and picked up my maternity uniforms. OMG they are tents! They gave me the biggest size ever (a 22, I didn’t even know they came in that size). I normally wear medium regulars. However, I have now taken over 1 set of MO2’s uniform (large, regular) which I think will last me at least 4 more weeks. last week I needed a belt to keep the pants up, this week, not so much!

Lots of good news in the blogosphere this week. Happy Go Lucky has a BFP and Andrea of Bella and Her Fella had her boy/girl twins.

i leave you with the 12 week scan of Rock and Roll.


Leaping Lima Beans!


We had our first real OB visit today instead of just the “let’s get your history,” visit. I was hoping that the visit would include an u/s and joy of joys, it did!

Rock and Roll were dancing around happily with good heart beats. I actually had my first on- the-belly u/s instead of the dildo cam which was another milestone. We actually have another u/s scheduled for tomorrow morning because despite what I said in my last post, I caved and begged my RE’s office here for one. I didn’t expect one today. Tomorrow’s should be more high tech and we should get better images. In today’s u/s, they look like little droid people. I am reassured today that the nurse midwife told me I could probably expect an u/s every visit because of my age and the high risk twins.

MO2 was not worried about R & R’s health because he has been keeping track of my uterus size pretty much on a daily basis (how many other husbands track fundal height)? I think he was a little dismayed to learn that fundal height is not accurate for twins. His theory was that since I am getting bigger, R & R are growing. I know I am completely out of regular pants and solely into maternity pants so that is a good thing but it is hard to explain the anxiety that comes with fetal loss unless you personally experience it. I was half convinced that one or, god forbid, both of the twins had passed just out of my own paranoia.

I managed to survive my visit with my cousin without major exhaustion. I think she was bummed that we only did one major activity per day, but hey, she came forwarned. I am still tired but managed to get 10 hours of sleep per night during the four-day weekend. Our biggest issue came with eating (or lack there of). I eat when I feel like it, which lately, is not often. She eats on a schedule and lets you know if she is hungry. It was awkward because she had to tell me when she was hungry and I would just pick at food. But we got through the visit. Despite my lack of hunger, I managed to gain 2 lbs since my last appointment!

Sleepy, Dopey and Grumpy


Sadly, I’m not one of the seven dwarfs.

But if they were having auditions, I might qualify.

I’m sleepy all the time unless I’m actively engaged in some activity. Left at my desk, I stare into space. I do great in meetings but can’t find the energy beyond a one sentence email reply. I am really anxious because my cousin is coming to visit this weekend and she is a go, go, go girl and now, I just can’t keep up. I am planning to take her to the big city one day and we have two activities planned but that is all I can manage for the entire weekend. Luckily, MO2 has agreed to entertain her a bit so I can rest.

I’m hoping that the visit won’t make me any grumpier than I already am, perhaps as a result of sleep deprivation. Another thing that makes me grumpy is not seeing Rock and Roll for over two weeks (or is it 3 now)? I have a physical on the 16th and will probably have to wait until then. The spotting has mostly stopped and I don’t think I should lie to get seen as an emergency walk in. I just have a fear that I might not be pregnant anymore even though nothing has changed and I still feel the same way. I’m sure it is completely irrational but totally understandable.

I did make a big leap of faith and buy some maternity clothes. I’m sure the folks at A Pea in A Pod love my contribution to their profits.  I’m not fitting into my pants at all unless they have an elastic waist.

I’m thankful I’m not nauseous.  I seem to have developed an appetite for bland, comfort food. I’m thirsty all the time which leads to not sleeping through the night. Should we add drippy as the next dwarf on the list?

On the Other Side


Today was my first OB appointment.

Here at hospital Ft. Livingroom, there are two clinics with two doors located side by side. In the back, they are all connected. I’ve only gone on the RE side. However, today I made it to the OB side.

My appointment was only an intake where I filled out multiple pieces of paper, had some labs drawn and talked to the nurse. We got an overview of all the services here at Ft. Livingroom and a special consideration. Because we are staff here, we get to choose our OB.

Sadly, my first choice is on bed rest. MO2’s choice is deploying. So MO2 went off to Labor and Delivery this afternoon on a recon mission to find out who the best providers are. Hopefully, he’ll find out some answers. I didn’t get to see Rock and Roll today but maybe I can in two weeks at my next appointment. The nurse did say that after my physical at the next appointment, I would be switched to high risk so I will have more u/s than we previously have had. I guess the thing to be happy with is making it the other side.

In other news, fatigue and weird eating choices seem to be the flavor lately. I’ve developed an aversion to meat, which is a bit odd. My choice for dinner has become kashi cereal and yogurt! I’m trying to eat well midday. Other than that, all is well.

ABCs of Me


I’ve wanted to do this post for a while now and figured it would be a great to do this on this icy, frosty morning.

  • A-Accident prone-if I can trip on it, fall off or out of it, I will
  • B-Type B+ personality. Really not an A, mostly because I just don’t care enough
  • C- Curly. I have crazy spiral curls and would have done well in the 19th century. This century, not so much.
  • D-Determined. This is the biggest aspect of my personality and probably the sole reason for my  successes.  I refuse to quit.
  • E-Expedient. I like getting things done ahead of time and I’m never late
  • F-Forthright. I tend to tell things like they are. Sometimes it gets me in trouble.
  • G-Garrulous. I can talk a lot when inspired
  • H-Hardworking. I had parents that expected a lot very early. How many other three-year olds polish silver? Well, maybe Amish kids.My mother thought is was a good life skill.
  • I-Independent. Brought up that way, hate to ask for help!
  • J-Just. My soldiers and employees think I am a fair boss.
  • K-Kids tv. I hate it. I loathe Disney, hate cartoons. I think Rock and Roll are screwed.
  • L-Laughter is the best medicine. I do this a lot.
  • M-Macaroni and Cheese. My favorite food. I like most versions but always searching for the perfect one.
  • N-November. One of the best months for the military. Lots of days off and Thanksgiving. What could be more perfect!
  • O-Opinionated. I try to keep this to myself. It’s an occupational hazard where we are not allowed to express our opinions.
  • P-Peaceful. I don’t like arguments or controversy.
  • Q-Quiet. I like quiet except that with twins, I think we will be out of luck.
  • R-Reader. I am constantly reading something. I am a huge library and bookstore addict. A great day is Barnes and Noble and a coffee.
  • S-Silly. Mo2 and I are silly a lot. It keeps us on our toes. Most people don’t know this about us.
  • T-Tired. My biggest pregnancy symptom.
  • U-University of Pennsylvania. My alma mater.
  • V-Virginity. Lost this at 17. If I only knew that I never needed the thousands of dollars spent on birth control…
  • W-Writer. I’ve written non-fiction articles for paid publication. My biggest to date is Marie Claire. I’m working on historical fiction.
  • X-Xtraordinary. What I think of our twins.
  • Y-Yankee. That’s what MO2’s family calls me. I call it a compliment.
  • Z-Zelda is my almost 90-year-old grandmother who still drives (to everyone’s dismay). I want to be like her when I’m old.