ABCs of Me


I’ve wanted to do this post for a while now and figured it would be a great to do this on this icy, frosty morning.

  • A-Accident prone-if I can trip on it, fall off or out of it, I will
  • B-Type B+ personality. Really not an A, mostly because I just don’t care enough
  • C- Curly. I have crazy spiral curls and would have done well in the 19th century. This century, not so much.
  • D-Determined. This is the biggest aspect of my personality and probably the sole reason for my  successes.  I refuse to quit.
  • E-Expedient. I like getting things done ahead of time and I’m never late
  • F-Forthright. I tend to tell things like they are. Sometimes it gets me in trouble.
  • G-Garrulous. I can talk a lot when inspired
  • H-Hardworking. I had parents that expected a lot very early. How many other three-year olds polish silver? Well, maybe Amish kids.My mother thought is was a good life skill.
  • I-Independent. Brought up that way, hate to ask for help!
  • J-Just. My soldiers and employees think I am a fair boss.
  • K-Kids tv. I hate it. I loathe Disney, hate cartoons. I think Rock and Roll are screwed.
  • L-Laughter is the best medicine. I do this a lot.
  • M-Macaroni and Cheese. My favorite food. I like most versions but always searching for the perfect one.
  • N-November. One of the best months for the military. Lots of days off and Thanksgiving. What could be more perfect!
  • O-Opinionated. I try to keep this to myself. It’s an occupational hazard where we are not allowed to express our opinions.
  • P-Peaceful. I don’t like arguments or controversy.
  • Q-Quiet. I like quiet except that with twins, I think we will be out of luck.
  • R-Reader. I am constantly reading something. I am a huge library and bookstore addict. A great day is Barnes and Noble and a coffee.
  • S-Silly. Mo2 and I are silly a lot. It keeps us on our toes. Most people don’t know this about us.
  • T-Tired. My biggest pregnancy symptom.
  • U-University of Pennsylvania. My alma mater.
  • V-Virginity. Lost this at 17. If I only knew that I never needed the thousands of dollars spent on birth control…
  • W-Writer. I’ve written non-fiction articles for paid publication. My biggest to date is Marie Claire. I’m working on historical fiction.
  • X-Xtraordinary. What I think of our twins.
  • Y-Yankee. That’s what MO2’s family calls me. I call it a compliment.
  • Z-Zelda is my almost 90-year-old grandmother who still drives (to everyone’s dismay). I want to be like her when I’m old.

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