On the Other Side


Today was my first OB appointment.

Here at hospital Ft. Livingroom, there are two clinics with two doors located side by side. In the back, they are all connected. I’ve only gone on the RE side. However, today I made it to the OB side.

My appointment was only an intake where I filled out multiple pieces of paper, had some labs drawn and talked to the nurse. We got an overview of all the services here at Ft. Livingroom and a special consideration. Because we are staff here, we get to choose our OB.

Sadly, my first choice is on bed rest. MO2’s choice is deploying. So MO2 went off to Labor and Delivery this afternoon on a recon mission to find out who the best providers are. Hopefully, he’ll find out some answers. I didn’t get to see Rock and Roll today but maybe I can in two weeks at my next appointment. The nurse did say that after my physical at the next appointment, I would be switched to high risk so I will have more u/s than we previously have had. I guess the thing to be happy with is making it the other side.

In other news, fatigue and weird eating choices seem to be the flavor lately. I’ve developed an aversion to meat, which is a bit odd. My choice for dinner has become kashi cereal and yogurt! I’m trying to eat well midday. Other than that, all is well.


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