Sleepy, Dopey and Grumpy


Sadly, I’m not one of the seven dwarfs.

But if they were having auditions, I might qualify.

I’m sleepy all the time unless I’m actively engaged in some activity. Left at my desk, I stare into space. I do great in meetings but can’t find the energy beyond a one sentence email reply. I am really anxious because my cousin is coming to visit this weekend and she is a go, go, go girl and now, I just can’t keep up. I am planning to take her to the big city one day and we have two activities planned but that is all I can manage for the entire weekend. Luckily, MO2 has agreed to entertain her a bit so I can rest.

I’m hoping that the visit won’t make me any grumpier than I already am, perhaps as a result of sleep deprivation. Another thing that makes me grumpy is not seeing Rock and Roll for over two weeks (or is it 3 now)? I have a physical on the 16th and will probably have to wait until then. The spotting has mostly stopped and I don’t think I should lie to get seen as an emergency walk in. I just have a fear that I might not be pregnant anymore even though nothing has changed and I still feel the same way. I’m sure it is completely irrational but totally understandable.

I did make a big leap of faith and buy some maternity clothes. I’m sure the folks at A Pea in A Pod love my contribution to their profits.  I’m not fitting into my pants at all unless they have an elastic waist.

I’m thankful I’m not nauseous.  I seem to have developed an appetite for bland, comfort food. I’m thirsty all the time which leads to not sleeping through the night. Should we add drippy as the next dwarf on the list?


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