Leaping Lima Beans!


We had our first real OB visit today instead of just the “let’s get your history,” visit. I was hoping that the visit would include an u/s and joy of joys, it did!

Rock and Roll were dancing around happily with good heart beats. I actually had my first on- the-belly u/s instead of the dildo cam which was another milestone. We actually have another u/s scheduled for tomorrow morning because despite what I said in my last post, I caved and begged my RE’s office here for one. I didn’t expect one today. Tomorrow’s should be more high tech and we should get better images. In today’s u/s, they look like little droid people. I am reassured today that the nurse midwife told me I could probably expect an u/s every visit because of my age and the high risk twins.

MO2 was not worried about R & R’s health because he has been keeping track of my uterus size pretty much on a daily basis (how many other husbands track fundal height)? I think he was a little dismayed to learn that fundal height is not accurate for twins. His theory was that since I am getting bigger, R & R are growing. I know I am completely out of regular pants and solely into maternity pants so that is a good thing but it is hard to explain the anxiety that comes with fetal loss unless you personally experience it. I was half convinced that one or, god forbid, both of the twins had passed just out of my own paranoia.

I managed to survive my visit with my cousin without major exhaustion. I think she was bummed that we only did one major activity per day, but hey, she came forwarned. I am still tired but managed to get 10 hours of sleep per night during the four-day weekend. Our biggest issue came with eating (or lack there of). I eat when I feel like it, which lately, is not often. She eats on a schedule and lets you know if she is hungry. It was awkward because she had to tell me when she was hungry and I would just pick at food. But we got through the visit. Despite my lack of hunger, I managed to gain 2 lbs since my last appointment!


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  1. You’re doing great! R and R sound like troopers! Congrats on graduating to the wand! Yay! Do you have pics to post yet? When do you find out the genders?

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