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My 3 Sons


It appears that we will be having yet another boy in our household.

My DSS who is 17.5 is coming to live with us. We have wanted this for years as his Mother is neglectful. I figured as soon as I got pregnant, he would be here, and I was right.

He has been having severe anxiety attacks (he has OCD) and is finally back on some meds. After a couple of weeks of panic attacks, 1 911 call and a trip to the ER, his mother has agreed (finally) to let him move here. MO2 will retrieve him the week after Easter. He is not preparing to return to his Mother’s, so we will withdraw him from school. I always enjoy him but he needs a lot of catching up to have the life skills of an almost 18-year-old. First step, GED (he’s a gifted under performer), second step, driver’s license.

His thoughts on his new baby brothers, “I won’t have to change them a lot will I?”

Wish us luck on all fronts!


Bellyfull of Boys!


Or make that a uterus.

Yesterday’s u/s showed 2 bouncing boys complete with boy parts. Sadly, I seem to notice them before MO2.

They shot baby B from below and all of a sudden I said, “is that a scrotum?” (You would think that MO2 would know what he is looking at).

I was hoping that I might get a matched set. Boy/girl. Kind of like luggage.

But A has boy parts too (I couldn’t see them). I suppose I could victimize my sons in utero and show you the u/s photo of the parts here, but I’ll spare you. I imagine you know what they look like.

In 2 weeks, they’ll check again to be sure. Apparently sometimes a clitoris can look like a penis in a developing fetus. But they gave us a 95% chance that they are both boys.

These are boys 2 and 3 for us. MO2, I think, is incapable of producing a girl.

Maybe I can get a license plate that says, “my 3 sons.” (We’re counting in DSS). It makes organization and shopping very easy. My brother’s wife (whose EDD is a month before ours) is having a girl. I can still buy girl things but not have to deal with girl issues. Let the fun begin!

Am I a Motherhood Slacker?


Sometimes I wonder if I lack passion in my life.

Take the use of donor eggs for example. I didn’t have a second pause that I can’t have my own biological children. For me there was no grieving process, all I thought was, “ok, show me a list of donors.” I didn’t have to have an exact match of my genetics or heritage. All I cared about was that the donor was taller, college educated and had a sort of match in our coloring. Perhaps that is because with 4 siblings, I realize that biological children don’t necessarily resemble the parents. but I’m not angry or sad about the use of DE (the only thing I don’t like is the cost).

Fast forward to my pregnancy…I knew right away I would not have a vaginal birth. I had a myloectomy in 2008 (basically the same as a C section) and with my two back surgeries, they aren’t going to let me push. You know what, it doesn’t bother me a bit. No one I’ve met with would even consider it an option nor do we.  Yet, I am not upset. I am relieved. I’m 41 and high risk enough as is it. Why make a risky situation potentially worse?

Now I will confess that I am hoping to breast feed. But I realize it is tough to exclusively BF two. So I suspect I’ll BF and supplement and that is fine. If I can’t BF, I’ll be disappointed but that is fine, too.

Is there something wrong with me? I feel almost apathetic. Maybe I should be more passionate about these big decisions? I am more passionate that I don’t want my babies overwhelmed with stuff (we have a small house). We did our first trip to Babies R Us which wasn’t too overwhelming. I am a total ease of burden person. We are going with the smallest profile stroller possible, and ordering the twin weego (carrier). As for cribs, they can share until they are a year. We are liking a black diaper bag that makes us both feel comfortable carrying it and MO2 (who has L & D experience) has rejected all the fancy swaddle blankets and is aiming for plain receiving blankets so he can practice baby origami.

But I feel like there is something missing…let me know if I’m slacking.

Accreditation Hell


In a departure of all things donor egg/twin pregnancy related, I will talk about work.

This may explain my diminished mental status for the next week.

We are going through our every  3 year accreditation which determines whether we can remain open as a service facility. I expect we’ll pass just fine, but oh, what a lot of work and painfulness. The team from Walter Reed will be here all week. I’ve only had one meeting this morning, but I’m already worn out.

Good thing, MO2 put my reclining chair in my office for lunch time naps. My staff is coveting the chair. I’ve never envied people who work at home more. I am also comforting myself with a childhood favorite; Lebanon baloney and american cheese on german bread! Yummy!

Wish us luck!

OB update


Had our 13 week update today. Rock (A) was the sleepier twin today measured in at 13 weeks 1 day. He/she spent the majority of the appointment standing on its head and hiding from the ultra sound.

Roll (B) totally lived up to his/her name. This baby was flipping, dancing and I believe, rolling through the appointment and measured in at  12 weeks, 6 days. Roll is definitely the diva of the two, smiling and waving for the camera.

Both babies had great heart beats and I’ve gained a whopping total of 7 lbs.  The DR was a little confusing on f/u/. They want to see me every 2 weeks but then he said to make a f/u in 6 weeks? I’ll call tomorrow and find out. He did discontinue my lovenox (oh great joy) and now I’m back on baby aspirin.

They did try to do an NT scan today but the babies wouldn’t play. Rock hid and Roll was too busy dancing. The DR felt that the risk for Downs as our donor is 25 is not concerning. I’d still like the scan, though.

A big shout out to Claire @ Happy Go Lucky on the discovery of her twins!