OB update


Had our 13 week update today. Rock (A) was the sleepier twin today measured in at 13 weeks 1 day. He/she spent the majority of the appointment standing on its head and hiding from the ultra sound.

Roll (B) totally lived up to his/her name. This baby was flipping, dancing and I believe, rolling through the appointment and measured in at  12 weeks, 6 days. Roll is definitely the diva of the two, smiling and waving for the camera.

Both babies had great heart beats and I’ve gained a whopping total of 7 lbs.  The DR was a little confusing on f/u/. They want to see me every 2 weeks but then he said to make a f/u in 6 weeks? I’ll call tomorrow and find out. He did discontinue my lovenox (oh great joy) and now I’m back on baby aspirin.

They did try to do an NT scan today but the babies wouldn’t play. Rock hid and Roll was too busy dancing. The DR felt that the risk for Downs as our donor is 25 is not concerning. I’d still like the scan, though.

A big shout out to Claire @ Happy Go Lucky on the discovery of her twins!


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  1. Aw thanks, lady. You’re sweet! Your little ones sure are fun little characters! When do you find out the genders? Or are you not going to. With one I was on the fence, but with two I really want to be prepared!

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