Bellyfull of Boys!


Or make that a uterus.

Yesterday’s u/s showed 2 bouncing boys complete with boy parts. Sadly, I seem to notice them before MO2.

They shot baby B from below and all of a sudden I said, “is that a scrotum?” (You would think that MO2 would know what he is looking at).

I was hoping that I might get a matched set. Boy/girl. Kind of like luggage.

But A has boy parts too (I couldn’t see them). I suppose I could victimize my sons in utero and show you the u/s photo of the parts here, but I’ll spare you. I imagine you know what they look like.

In 2 weeks, they’ll check again to be sure. Apparently sometimes a clitoris can look like a penis in a developing fetus. But they gave us a 95% chance that they are both boys.

These are boys 2 and 3 for us. MO2, I think, is incapable of producing a girl.

Maybe I can get a license plate that says, “my 3 sons.” (We’re counting in DSS). It makes organization and shopping very easy. My brother’s wife (whose EDD is a month before ours) is having a girl. I can still buy girl things but not have to deal with girl issues. Let the fun begin!


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  1. Wow! That’s some news alright! Remember, ( here’s a mommy myth for you!) little boys LOVE their mommies and they’ll be great play mates ( not saying there won’t be any fighting though!!!)

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