My 3 Sons


It appears that we will be having yet another boy in our household.

My DSS who is 17.5 is coming to live with us. We have wanted this for years as his Mother is neglectful. I figured as soon as I got pregnant, he would be here, and I was right.

He has been having severe anxiety attacks (he has OCD) and is finally back on some meds. After a couple of weeks of panic attacks, 1 911 call and a trip to the ER, his mother has agreed (finally) to let him move here. MO2 will retrieve him the week after Easter. He is not preparing to return to his Mother’s, so we will withdraw him from school. I always enjoy him but he needs a lot of catching up to have the life skills of an almost 18-year-old. First step, GED (he’s a gifted under performer), second step, driver’s license.

His thoughts on his new baby brothers, “I won’t have to change them a lot will I?”

Wish us luck on all fronts!


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