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We are off on our vacation tomorrow! Hope all of you have a wonderful week! I heard the weather up north is a bit chilly (unlike the 80 degree temps, here). I’m packing my fleece because it is the only jacket that fits! I’m really looking forward to the down time and spending some time on the working farm. We are looking forward to good food and good times and best of all no work.

We’ll see you on the flip side in about a week!


Bashful Babies


We had another scan and cervix check. All ok.

But the babies are bashful and have been hiding their faces toward their placentas. For the last two scans. UGH!

We did get a lovely belly shot, of both. Our next scan is a echosonogram so we can check on the babies’ hearts. They have 4 chambers (which has already been confirmed) but this will look for more abnormalities, if there happen to be any(though I hope they are just fine). our quad screen came back negative for neural tube defects and with a low incidence of Down’s Syndrome. It is hard to tell with twins but the DR said it is probably fairly accurate.

I am popping out like a balloon but my cervix is nice and long.

I have started to think of baby things, if I dare, like ordering the co-sleeper (eventually), or ordering cloth diapers and those newborn infant gowns.

I come from a family of Ashkenazi Jews who don’t believe in showers or setting up a nursery until babies are born healthy. Does anyone else have cultural traditions like this? Makes it rather hard to get ready for twins.



The first time I heard of this, I thought this was a really dumb name.

But not a dumb concept.

MO2 has decided to take me on a babymoon. We are heading to New England in a couple of weeks, before I hit 24 weeks and am too big to fly. We are going to a new city, a place where neither of us have been before. We are staying in two separate B & Bs; one in the city and the other on a working farm. I’m most excited about the working farm, a place where they let you collect eggs and milk the cows. (Call me crazy but I miss my chickens).

I am also hoping to go to a good independent knitting store. This is a tradition of mine, I try to buy wool in every place I go., even if it is a little project. It helps me remember the trip when I reflect on the completed project. I am also beginning to get the sense that there will be fewer projects in my future.

The babies are growing, or at least my belly is. I think I am starting to feel movements, MO2 swears he felt a kick today. I have to be sitting or lying very quietly to feel them. I am 18 weeks, 6 days today. I can hardly believe it.

Spoke Too Soon!


Update on my three sons: Well, we are back to Rock and Roll. It seems my DSS is not coming after all. His mother (in her infinite wisdom) has decided that he can’t come until school lets out (not that he goes to school anyway). Apparently,  she has decided that we might not send her the child support if we have him. Keep in mind that we are ordered to pay child support until his 18 birthday and it’s in the divorce decree. We are law-abiding citizens who like our security clearances. We aren’t going to throw that away for 5 months without paying support!

I feel so bad for DSS. It is one thing if you (as a parent) change your mind because something is not in the best interest of your child for safety reasons. For example, if you decided he/she could go to a party only to find that it was hosted by a pedophile, I could see you hanging your mind. But when it is for your own reasons and NOT in the best interest of your child, I have an issue with it. I adore my DSS, it breaks my heart that he was so upset about not coming.

In other news, R1 and R2 are still boys. They are measuring at today’s u/s about 18 weeks, 4 and 5 days. In actuality they are only 17 weeks, 6 days BUT our donor was tall (5’11). Both his their faces from the camera today and faced toward their respective placentas. Both hearts have 4 chambers and their brains have the right # of hemispheres.

I think I may have felt them move but I wouldn’t know it if it bit me in the ass. I’m hoping for a more definite sign in the next couple of weeks. My cervix is long and closed, so I guess all is well.