The first time I heard of this, I thought this was a really dumb name.

But not a dumb concept.

MO2 has decided to take me on a babymoon. We are heading to New England in a couple of weeks, before I hit 24 weeks and am too big to fly. We are going to a new city, a place where neither of us have been before. We are staying in two separate B & Bs; one in the city and the other on a working farm. I’m most excited about the working farm, a place where they let you collect eggs and milk the cows. (Call me crazy but I miss my chickens).

I am also hoping to go to a good independent knitting store. This is a tradition of mine, I try to buy wool in every place I go., even if it is a little project. It helps me remember the trip when I reflect on the completed project. I am also beginning to get the sense that there will be fewer projects in my future.

The babies are growing, or at least my belly is. I think I am starting to feel movements, MO2 swears he felt a kick today. I have to be sitting or lying very quietly to feel them. I am 18 weeks, 6 days today. I can hardly believe it.


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